Friday, January 12, 2007


God is good!thought I had set my alarm for around 6ish. i needed to be fully alert at that time so that i could read for an exam that i hadn't really been able to prepare for. so at some point in the night, im turning over,(roll, roll) and in my subconscious,i'm contemplating checking the time. you know just to see how many more hours i had till six, you know so that i enjoy them vizuri!wah! twas time!isn't God good!if i hadnt woken up...things would have been even thicker!
then most importantly!i am contemplating career change!this for my information, is just more evidence of his goodness!ive been severely confused the last couple of months! was at a crossroads where the signs were pointing in funny directions e.g 'nende southwest kuliaside'. ok, thats me doting. but on a more serious note, things weren't discernible. so today i gathered a few epiphanies! (ha!knowing me ebu i chill to see if its an epiphany for real) but God is good, now time for hard work and more faith!

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