Friday, August 17, 2007

hmmm,.....I've been away!
That might even be a mild understatement.

So today, I thought that in the spirit of good manners ,I would write something on my blog,see if I've missed it and also to say hi to you peeps.Yes, all of you there in cyberspace.I'm sure I've missed a lot on some of your blogs.
Now, where to start.heh, so much has happened since I last wrote, top of the list being that immediately after I wrote about 'why I blog', I seemed to lose my desire to do so . So I took a 'break'....went on a pilgrimage ,to find my blog purpose.
Actually no, (cough)I just went on holiday, came home, met a grand total of 2 bloggers ;),celebrated a birthday, had number of new experiences, chekad a whole lot ,among many other things and now.... I'm in Uganda.

All in all, Mungu yu mwema...yay!
So until we meet again....