Monday, January 22, 2007

u-pepo mbaya!

how does one induce flatulence?
I'm sorry if the question seems rude.
I'm also sorry that bowel movements have featured quite prominently on my blog this last month.but I ate some cheese and its made me all bloated.
alas! the one time that i unashamedley want to inflict grief on the world with my beefs...they won't the way, no matter what anyone tells you, mine smell like roses, I don't know why yours don't and for those of you who know me, eh,....I hope my rep remains intact. but i'm just trying to be real.
being real is this months motto.
anyway, c'est la vie!


aegeus said...

My answer to bloating is pineapple. Eat some of it and it will alleviate bloating after eating beans, cabbage and cheese. I love cheese so of course i follow it up with a fair helping of my favourite fruit. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Does this happen with all dairy products? If so, you might be lactose intolerant..Otherwise, my moto when it comes to flatulence..better out than in..

Archer said...

Ati how to induce flatulence? LOL! Ati your beefs smell like roses? Wee wacha. Even when you unleash a silent killer otherwise known as "yussufffff"?

Good luck trying to induce the flatulence but don't hold it in too much coz it forms an air bubble that travels all the way up into your brain, and that's where crap ideas come from. Sawa?

mama shady said...

aegeus: pineapple!yum!my only problem is that pinneapples in the uk taste like wet, sugary paper!and theyre expensive. you like cheese!yay! ive just started getting into it, but i dont normally get bloat!maybe its cause it was cheap...i dont know if yovue heard of tesco value...

anon:no it doesnt happen with all dairy.dont think im lactose intolerant. although since i came here, my body just reacts differently to stuff. I know it meant to be better out, but nothing happened!

archer: bwana, youre comment made my day.are you trying to toa me rangi?eh!even those silent ones..those ones smell the sweetest!quality potpourri!
as for air sound like you speak from experience...hehehe!laknini sawa,i heed youre advice and refuse those air bubbles!zishindwe!

Ichiena said...

you want to INDUCE flatulence??

LOL, nyathiwa you need to have your head checked. I'm also for pineapple.

Otherwise jump up and down and hope you belch.

@Archer: Haki I want that first poster. And it is now clear that you did some holding in as a kid...