Saturday, January 20, 2007

I watched it. Didn't expect much.
However(said like my std.5 GHC teacher)...
APOCAPLYPTO!(te-de-deng) was wonderous!.... in an understated kinda way.
Simple story. Nicely put.
The brits sitting infront of me must have really wondered if 'oooowi' roughly translated into 'hes dodged another one', cause no matter how hard I tried to shikilia... I just had to sypmathise with that jaguar paw chap.
aah, twas a nice movie. I really want to find a forest to run around in now!If you see a random chic zippin past you in the street...yep, thats me!don't mess just make way!
hmm, tangent- you know exercise nowadays is boring!Imagine how much more fun it would be if our lives depended on it(if you think deeply, you'll see the pun was intended) i.e if our survival depended on our fitness; how fast we could dodge arrows or catch some random wild animals for food...we would be fit!very buff!
so let me rephrase my day you will see some random wild animals hurtling past you.In their wake,will be ms.nyarshady, jumping over mtaro's ,swinging off things, dodging other things, her gaze fixed determinately on their retreating backs and bums . Following her will be flint sky the meanest savage of all savages, heathen kabisa!looks even meaner then those chaps in apocalypto.
We'll all be running towards a forest...maybe karura, if its still exists by the time I return home, and in that forest we'll all live happily ever after,chasing each other, chewing mad adrenalin.... and generally living a very exciting life.'

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