Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I accept pennies for my thoughts...

heh!tonight is a night for thinking...ok, not so much thinking...just kiasi!but i warn mind will be all over the place, payuka here ,payuka there!
firstly, teren teren, my cuzo passed KCSE with colours that were not only flying...they flew in very, flying things (jets perhaps).
Rather, in english,he passed!and I'm so proud of him that I feel like I'm likely to burst, if not from the copious amounts of food i've just consumed. Mwariwadavid, don't worry weight loss program is still on track, i'm just full.Anyway, I remember the days he used to fuata me asking me questions i couldn't answer.
note to the reader:i was a child genius as well (i say)...unfortunately things have ingiad hibernation (wail!).
it was funny!you'd just see another short chubby one following his mum everywhere making comments about the lunar systems na nini!meanwhile his mum is pulling out her hair. he cracked the tiredest jokes I'd ever heard, worse then mine,but he was destined for great things!big up guy! out for those women though.
on the other hand I wonder what the next season of life will bring him.

Oh, did I mention, i have become an undercover rebel.more on this when I am able to understand it for myself,but life is sucking at the mo...i am trying to make lemon juice (or was it lemonade!)harrrlelujah!

aaah, i miss passion juice...

Secondly,I don't think forest whittaker should have gotten that oscar...just my opinion.not that the any of the other options made me feel weak in the knees.nani commented about how the movie disturbed him. i concur!

moving on swiftly, people in kbw are interesting.How much do people reveal of themselves? Does anyone ever hesitate before they comment?Is annonymity great?....I am wondering!

ehe, then what else...its funny the way relationships, grow...or stagnate!i.e with friends or otherwise. I used to get quite sad during the stagnation phasess and since I'm a worrier/overthinker/beautiful woman/mini-moaner, (I had to squeeze that one in somewhwere), it would lead me into all sorts of other issues.sigh.
Nowadays, I'm not sure what I feel. do I care less?I think i'm becoming slightly cold on the inside, siberia is acoming...sugu!
I don't think this is a good state of affairs.ah, but I must keep on keeping on. My word must be my bond.Easier said.

I have been doing some reading on the british taxation system and its amazing the way people are , I'm not sure if babied is the right word.I don't think handouts should ever be introduced in, no, no! do you know, that theres a girl I know.She sometimes has issues with her knees, and is thereby entitled to a laptop, loads of cash , a car, even more subsidies to the fees that international students are already subsidising, free internet...among other things.
'but why?' I ask!
I dont know really!
Yet, I have to give them marks for acknowledging the needs of the disabled and terminally ill and the like....I was about to say that in kenya we got bigger problems...but, eh...

Lastly, before I put you to sleep...sin. What makes people think it doesn't exist......

Thursday, February 22, 2007

dutty wine !! Gone wrong!!

someone showed me this today!alalala,at first i was like what is dutty wine? anyway,lemme share , pay attention at arnd 30seconds.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm fed up! I have a cold! Yesterday it took a turn for the worse. Boggling eyes, swimming brain, blocked ears, phlegm, thumping heart (I ruka every time i sneeze) aish! What are those!
So I am taking someone’s advice and doing the whole honey, lemon and tangawizi maneno’s. These things don’t usually work with me but I’m giving it a go. Aki I’ve put enough tangawizi in my concoction to shtua a slug. It’s quite kali.
Anywho, as I vacillated between sweating and shivering my thoughts wandered into interesting waters. But before I go there, please let me just tell you about some of the funny things that happen at my bus stop! never ending soaps I tell you. As I waited for the bus , a woman , dressed to the nines( She would have done wags proud), pitad me in a huff! Hot on her heel’s was a paraplegic, in one of those electric chairs and I kid you not, this chap’s was surprisingly fast. He was busy harassing this woman and apart from a few swear words, she kept her cool.
I wonder though, if she had landed him a few kofi’s, how would it play out in court? hmmm…

Back to my thoughts; there has been some talk of love, or lack thereof, on kbw this week .In fact from what I gather, most of us are kulaing drought. Hakuna kisima mbeleni hata kimoja! We cannot seem to see any eligible anyone in the near future. I’m sure there are those of you who are happily encumbered though and I’m happy for you, but all this talk made me remember those random boys who used to confuse me. Sometimes being a chic...

My first crush was when I was like 4. Yes, you read that right.
My brothers friend was my knight in shin...
no, actually he was in dirty clothes, with that little-boy-smell to top it off but there was just something about him. So I followed my bro and co. everywhere! And they really tried to fukuza me. They deserve an award for their effort, but clearly, I would not be deterred .
this must be evidence of my feisty persona in another life (I wish).
When that failed they resorted to running. I’m sure there was some psychological damage that went down in there somewhere…
Shoot! My pudgy legs just couldn’t keep up . tisk!
I’m proud to say though, that he (my brother or the crush) had no indication of my feelings. I tend to be a pro at hiding these things.

Moving along swiftly, I grew up. Crushes lost their hold on my life. They became one hit wonders. or so i thought...
Then came the big one! Ayayai. It took me totally by surprise.
Yap, he was quite the evidenced by the flocks of women who were ready to propose. At first I asked God why?! ‘Why have you chosen this guy , this one , to disturb my head’. I was not amused!
I then decided that as long as I kept my distance it would be all good. Nothing doing! Nice guys like talking to everybody. Every time he approached me I would mentally collapse! lo! so I learnt how to actively avoid him.
Well,one day, he approached me. My best laid plans were foiled.
I was cornered.To put it in the words of an author I like 'I felt like a little mouse with no hole' .I had to either squeak a response or faint. So I fainted.

Hehehe, just kidding.
I squeaked.
Made some inane comment and bounced. I now realize that some parts of my brain were working because I knew what the look on his face meant; ‘nini ,mbaya na huyu msichana’
Ah, I can laugh now, but it wasn’t funny then. After a few months I realized that I wasn’t chewing fever every time he was around. I’m sure the next time I see him talking will be easy kama mandizi…or will I arrive home only to start squeaking again?

Monday, February 12, 2007

is it all useless?

i wanted to write a post, but didnt at the same time! sijui paradox!clearly....
Last week was busy, which in my books, is usually a good thing. I can't remember what i did on monday,oh, i wrote my, article(or something). Tuesday I had free lunch at some random meeting that was not a complete waste of time because I got free lunch.
Wednesday I realised that I'm overcoming some of my hurdles. I'm beginning to form relationships with peeps here, and for me thats been a big thing. Still got a long way to go.
Thursday, I fought in the snow for a better part of the day, actually wacked a few lecturers!pap!.. I changed my socks three times that day.I've never done that before. Then went for a birthday party, all you can eat chinese, I ate too much and met a guy who has good lingala moves.Obviously with my stomach being that full they're was no way I was going to be showing him anything.Ive also never been that cold before, i shivered all the way into friday.
Friday, friends slept over. at about 4am, I checked my email and thats where joy got threatened.
My grandad died on friday. his birthday was on saturday . I'm the one who more or less broke the news to my mum.I don't know. I knew him, but then again,not at all. so I wasnt even sure what I should have felt.I am sad but I think I grieved because my mother was grieving ,because my aunties and uncles were.

Babu(thats what we call him) worked all his life. Throughout.
It was funny cause even after he retired , he refused to stop. it obviously infuriated my grandma, when he insisted on ironing everything in the house.on other days, he would just walk, i couldnt believe it! from pangani to westlands to langata to....yup. and this when he was in his 70's.
'work work, work' that was his mantra. no meeting would go by when he wouldnt chuck those vibes. other memories include the kibokos he would keep around the digz,he was tall and the only one who could reach them at the time. but heh, he could chapa us!
gladly, I escaped the punishments because I was one of those clueless kids. lakini my cuzo's,hehe, it was funny!
I wish I knew him better, so that...I dont know, I could grieve him more?
I pray that my loving others will not be based on my knowledge of them. he was a good man, he worked for his family and he was dearly loved. God thank you for his life.
Lord I don't know if some of these things will ever make sense though.

Friday, February 02, 2007

as the clock struck midnight...

i heard that a man is trying to swim the length of the amazon!wololo! his logic that if he can swim the river then palistinians and israelis can live in peace. ha!if only things were that 'easy'. do you think he'll make it?
its funny, but I also want to go swimming but in chlorinated water. Give my heart some lovin. its been a while,maybe 2plus years. i used to love swimming then it all changed...
it all began in std. 6. i matured early, physically that is. anyway, having been in a girls school, i wasn't too bothered about it. sadly, the school I was in was one of those that had high KCPE failure rates, so a quick switch later and I found myself in another school. it was mixed i.e boys and girls. my life has never been the same again.
(note: at this point i still loved swimming.)
so on my first day at my new school, i walk in and hear whispers, mumblings, beady eyes darting about...aki young boys are not innocent!my new sweater was fitting and you jua school outfitters sweaters when theyre new and have enough starch to put all potatoes to shame..anyway, to cut a long story short, from then i wore buggy sweaters and hardly ever removed my sweater throughout the rest of primary and high school. (hand flying to forhead)twas sad!
oh, i forgot about the swimming, I tried swimming in a tisho, but that was just cumbersome. so i tried other tactics...loiter,loiter around the pool, in the blink of an eye, youve whipped off the towel and youre flying through the air still struggling out of youre tisho. splash! you land in the water. swish! youre tisho lands on the side of the pool.woo!lakini once the adrenalin from youre theatrics has worn off you think there's any energy left to tred water! and then wacha when time comes to get out! and you thought youve seen action movies!
so syke for swimming slowly dwindled...i'm makng a come back
haha, aki its funny the way swimming costumes tend to go for lunch (wedgies)