Monday, August 04, 2008


Kenyans are pretty dramatic and being away made me forget how interesting Kenyans can be: Amidst the bra clinics (I'm sceptical about these by the way); rioting high schoolers; the random guy who was being charazwad by a mob off kenyatta avenue; 300 (or more) flats that seem to have popped up everywhere; the gossiping watchmen at the gate; the weird topics on radio; Kencell changing its name yet again!; matatus trying to avoid cops; the cops themselves; the most interesting social events ; people hustling-only last week did my brother tell me that he has a friend who exports frogs!…heh! how interesting life can be! And thats what I've found out after being home for just a week. Will the 'novelty' soon wear off'?.

Anyway, despite my fears , I’m really glad to be back home, though having said that I'm currently boiling in Uganda. Everyones been asking the usual questions …what did you study?what now? are you going back?what now?are you going back? what now? ...And my answer usually remains the same…
I don’t know.

My life plan seems to have shrunk to something that covers the next 24 hours or when I've got my happy socks on , it may even extend to a week. So yeah, here's to whatever the next few months will bring...I will not panic...I will not panic!I will not Panic!

Oh, heres a few more drawings that I've done.