Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random thoughts for d day!

-I went and bought myself a pick.Now i'm wondering what motivated me. if i'm having problems plaing guitar with my fingers, how much more do i think i''ll do with a random gadget in the way. anyway , this just reminds me of another song we used to sing in assembly,' Caaaarage braaatha do not stumbol, though thy path...' we sang it badly!
-there was a man on the bus, probably mid-fifties, dressed all normal.What made him interesting is that he had tied a very interesting scarf around his head. one of those scarves my granny would wear. He had tied it exactly the same way too!i chekad! twas interesting to look at. the world is very interesting!I wonder what he was thinking when he decided to put it on...people must bethinking the same thing when they look at my nywele..i look like ive put on a hat!
haya, since I'm on the topic of grandmothers. do you know that the older you get , the less likely you're given name will be used . This is interesting!by the time youre like 60 half of the population you interact will be calling you odd nicknames , mama, baba, cucu, babu...etc. So ebu dont blame me when I write mama X, on my nursing home application form.

-I'm struggling with the phrase 'you have potential' , i think it would be nice if people held up blaring sign posts pointing you towards it.potential!pa!
-i think i should do a mini study on this next random thought- if you're planning to come to the UK , look for a place with fewer nyeudhis. Expectations will be lower and you'll be more likely to get the job of your (lesser)dreams. only downside is that you might be fired for singing random freedom songs in the foyer protesting over some mighty glass ceilings!
-the house I live in, moans and groans as if its in labour...or constipated!thats african imagery for you.


The future diplomat said...

hi, I see you play the guitar. I kinda play it sometimes but since I taught myself to play it without a pick, I almost never use one. better stilll am sometimes clueless on how to use one

mama shady said...

heh!maybe we should both find out!but first i guess ill just focus on learning how to play it instead of just pigain kelele.