Tuesday, October 30, 2007

this and that

gawsh...blogger still works!
I'ts 11pm and I'm putting off work thats terribly important because...because...because, this is the logic that prevails in my person at this time of night or (cough)most of the time.
random thoughts floating around in my head...
-i think bobby womack isnt too bad!quite groovy. My friend on the other hand is going to a 'jimmy eat world concert'..
who?!or am I being too narrow minded, I give you permission to try and convince me otherwise.
-what do you do when a friend of yours, says(not in your hearing) that they have no friends?im one of those people who begins doing a mild audit of their relationships just to see how much i've been misperforming and then i feel...saddish. but then again i shouldnt be writing about sad stuff after not blogging for so long ,now should i?
-i baked today!wohooo!I used to bake long time ago and made some really nice cakes, then i got it into my head that I had become chef miss gastronome and so threw out all my recipes and decided to get innovative.
the next three years of my baking history are censored!;)
anyway, so ive been seeing people making loads of money from cake businesses. last weekend i was in london and saw some other baked gadgets!!!salalala!they were to be admired!so today, i felt inspired and decided to bake and im glad to say it worked out.now i have to try something a little harder.
please say you'll buy my cakes even if they suck? after all what is good business about? you know ,building self-esteem and empires and all that....
-feelings can be funny things, and pining over things lost never helped anyone!but it still sucks!
-i want to do something great!hmmm but maybe ive just been watching too much heroes....