Saturday, January 13, 2007

that gets my vote!

you know what!?if I could, I would vote toilets the most intimate place on this earth i.e apart from the womb!
surely you must agree with me pwana!
i think, i daydream , i do a whole lot of praying, scheming , strategising, even crying once in a while, i hide, i sing,,oh! sijui gastric cleansing and good books just go! lakini kweli, the toilet is the joint!im sure if we didnt have to sit, you know, we would even dance in there!
ama do these things only happen to me...haya!if they do forget i worte this i said forget i wrote this post!so why are you still reading?!ha!if you are then i guess we're kinda into the same things yurr!
on that note, i know im not yet ready to get married. dont know what i'd say if my husi wanted to come in when i'm , eh, preoccupied.oh goodness!t'would be too much!but then again are people ever ready for these things?

look what I found!
would you feel right using tissue paper with anyones face on it?!weird!theyre selling this ti-ssue for like $9.aish!youd really have to hate him to spend that money on karatasi ya choo!


abby said...

LOL. where do you get these things? Nice weekend.

Ichiena said...

i would believe the faces on the tp can see you-know-what in close up details as they approach. Eeeeek

Archer said...

The two posters I have on the door of my loo read as follows:

"I come here to sit and think, but in the end all I do is sh*t and stink!"


"You are now flying over Iraqi airspace. Permission granted to drop bombs over Baghdad"

If you stepped into my loo you'd think you stepped into a lounge. There's a pile of magazines and a small radio. I'm thinking of buying a cooler box for some cool drinks!

Princess said...

TP with faces.what's next??

Majonzi said...

now that's creepy!!

mama shady said...

@abby:sijui these things come upon me when im in the chodi;)
@ichiena and majonzi:eeeek!my sentiments exactly.
@archer:thats the way!you kwanza you soudn like you missile launch on the regular.
@princess: i have no idea!ebu come up with the next big thing!

Archer said...

Twice a day, every day. Very religiously. Si you jua kuna insurgents wengi huko Baghdad!

mama shady said...

i clap for you!heard somewhere that we need to be doing these things on the reegular!shame on those chics who think shikiliaing will get them anywhere;)

Prousette said...

you know that space even a hubby is not allowed to violate. it is probably the only time you get to be truly alone.

I always carry something to read when at home, public toilets are another matter altogether!

lakini that tp with faces...why?