Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a beautiful mind!

someone told me once, that when some people fly out...they never come back the same!
this was in reference to someone who was not completely legit in the head after he returned home.and he hadnt done drugs or any other nasties!
so i worried, worried that my rosy plans/dreams for the future would be tarnished by an unsound mind. walking down the corridor and some dude in front of me keeps on sneaking glances.
the story is in the glance.
im a lone black female, dressed somewhat ethnicly, seeemingly going into all the corridors that this caucasian fellow is entering.
note to you dear reader: we lie at opposite ends of the BMI index. plus yani, since i hail from the mother continent,yurr! i must have some sort of killer instincts or survival tactics....or whatever!
so yani im sure its not something that i have to break down to you ,dear einsteins, but i think he thought i was following him!
but i say!i was not!
we just happened to be going in the same direction.
i plead the fifth amendment!(haya, in kenya we would plead what....ebu think about it)

so we're at like glance number five....(this is where i begin questioning the health of my mental apparatus)....
at glance number five the following goes through my mind....

'tada...tada....tada,tada,tadatadatadatada......ching ching ching!
yep, im following you bloke!

should i be sad about these eh, mental activities?
woi, for real, maybe being abroad, especially in the states, the uk, europe...maybe it does do something to the kichwa.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


i like this feeling!
if i could...(well i can, its just that i dont feel like learning how now!it would spoil the feeling) i would play some for y'all!yes sireeee i would!
im dancing!ehe!at mid-night!instead of doing work that im meant to be doing...walalala!
listening to some masekela, sipho gumede, allou april...some rhumba nostalgia as well etc.heh, its nice......

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


ive been challenged. challenged so deeply, but yet inspired.
life is short. pitifully and sometimes painfully so and this has been greatly emphasised lately for me.
i feel like yelling GO FOR IT!lakini i must first expplain from which well these sentiments of mine are being drawn from.

there are those who take risks...and those who dont...ahem,cough like me.there are those who remain committed to their vision, committed to a cause.....and stick with it. and we have examples all around us. people who decided they would stick it out and raise you until you were out of them nappies and ready to try and address the world and all its issues!not considering that you might have been an investment that would make zero returns!there are others who said they wanted to see the youth empowered, ebu imagine the reach that starehe boys has now!..and so on
we are all alive lakini to be kidogo cliche, how many of us are passionate about living!what drives us?who are we working for?who do we serve?
note:life without God is useless, but anyway,

theres a company started by some young guys i know. they're trying to make a difference with all they can, in what was at first termed very unconventional means. but with God anything is possible!everything is possible!

chek out the
for all y'all responsible,level headed drivers out there who are tired of traffic jams!werokamu!