Tuesday, August 22, 2006


you know, its very good that blogs are now the 'in' thing!cause now i can pose questions and siri's that disturb my head and hope for a somewhat resonable answer from, eh,people
will someone please explain to me ;
whats it with this neo-soul spoken word business?!i mean i like most of the music that falls into that genre however dont you think there are a number of things about that whole culture that leans towards(to use a a pals phrase) being extremely pseudo!i repeat P.S.E.U.D.O!
and then a number of kenyans have decided to embrace this movement.....?????????? i repeat
its like the only poetry that the youth now know will have to be liberally littered with references and phrases such us hips, goddesses, soul, spirit, as i walked on by, (sumthing )in my eye and...the list goes on!