Friday, January 26, 2007

I was told no!

hmmm, my post title sounds as if I'm talking about romantic drama.
nope.I'm not brave like that, ati asking a jamaa out!Hakuna!
Anywho,I laughed when a friend of mine told me that she has a file for all her rejection letters i.e failed job applications and I remember thinking woiye, aki this friend of mine is special. Litttle did I know I was about to fungua my own personal kituo cha barua za marejects!(i know my kiswahili is dodgy, its genetic)
lo, lo, lo, I have received rejection letters mpaka its funny.
(si I said it was funny)
Got one more today.I'm sure by the time I return home i'll be so hardened to this sting of failure(I hope) that people will think I'm on something ...cocaine, miti shamba things, barbiturates , name it!
oh, did I tell you the way I'm now a statistic...and by that I dont mean that I'm pregnant!kichwa yako iko wapi! I'm just another kenyan doing menial jobs in a foreign country. I've washed dishes until my hands have turned a lighter shade of brown. wooo!enyewe you should see me working those pots. mpaka another greek dude kept winking at me!I almost labeled him 'stalker#2' but he's actually a nice dude. but I'm going off topic, back to story's of rejection. Today I'm happy. I thank God for school, it keeps me busy and gives me other stuff to focus on. other stuff to 'worry' about. 'It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect' Pslms 18:32. Nuff said. time for me to go and daydream in my bed, our landlord gave us new mattresses.


Prousette said...

Afadhali you get rejection letters some of us thrive on deciphering the silence from the other end.

Kenyan recruiters are not professional at all in that filed. So you are better off being told it did not work out than sitting around waiting for manna to fall.

mama shady said...

yup, guess you're right. it just takes a while to get used to.i think at the moment i'd rather be chilling for the manna, fragile hearts and all that.