Monday, January 08, 2007

of career aspirations...

Today I'm seriously contemplating becoming a house help. It just seems like a simpler route to take, in terms of a career. Why? Given aaaaall my experience, why would I fall short?! I believe I've been involved in domestics since I popped! It didn’t matter whether I was creating the mess or cleaning the mess…I was involved!
Not that I minded so much. We used to be given mapennies when we did housework. Not that that continued and anyway, what are you going to do with 20cents nowadays.
It's funny the way tasks would be meted out and the way they moved from easy to hard… ‘Mami, get me some water/my slippers/ look for my spectacles’…to….. ‘what are you cooking today, oh no! The dogs have messed up the veranda again (pointed look), washing clothes…’.
Heh! It was funny! My mum started us on socks after the housi nearly quit over the state of our socks a. after we bonded with the hockey pitch and b. on rainy days. That means that throughout the year,whatever the season, our socks could not be salvaged.

Anywho,So you see my Cv could detail all types of domestic experience. In terms of skills and competencies, men, even those I could jaza bila shida…
-diplomacy and negotiation- whose going to get the last piece of kuku..
-manipulation- I’m going to get the last chapo!
-discipline-hehe, cause you were disciplined!
...and many other skills that got you out of being chapwad e.g. tears ,
-perseverance-when the tears and excuses didn’t work.
-attention to detail -that kitchen had to be cleaned to very high standards, especially after we’d had like a thou guests.
-diligence -when you and you’re bro are told to tafuta kijiti's for each other!

Ya, so I think I would make a good house help. Plus with a university education don’t you think I could market myself as the next big thing in the domestic industry. Don’t you think this would be a good platform to exhibit my strategic planning, resources management …etc
Sigh, write now those career waters seem incredibly murky! I don’t get it! Why is attainment so elusive! It’s really hard! Never has defining purpose and then sticking to it seemed so mystical. Its a challenge, and in the end , I think it’s just faith that will get me there. God has to see me through.


aegeus said...

U took me down memory lane with this one. The housi was there to take care of mum and dad's stuff. The children had to do their laundry and stuff. Heeheh

By faith dear, He always comes through.

mama shady said...

asante men!

egm said...

So making noise actually saidias! Good to have you back.

Pole for the murky waters. It's a search that for some is a non-issue as they know right from birth what they want to do. But for the rest of us not so lucky, navigating those waters is part of the job description of life. Lakini usihofu haya. As you say, God will see you through.

egm said...

Haha, oops! Just somad the date this was posted. 5 months ago! Man, newshutch is playing a number on me. I think it's time I switched aggregators. N'ways, niliyosema bout them waters still holds.

With that said, rudi haraka!