Thursday, March 02, 2006

the full rant!

Today, I want to rant! Rant!rant!rant!
Its quite sad isn’t it! How ignorant can you get!aish! and the thing is ,it's belligerent ignorance! Sometimes I wonder why I’m in this country!what good life is this that Kenyans are hankering for in these far away lands? More money? better opportunities? I guess that’s all true but for real, I wonder! Its astounding that by 6 years of age I knew that when my mother went to the states she wasn’t going to a village in England and that Canada wasnt the capital of the newyork!duh! how, oh how, do these natives enlighten themselves?! A fully fledged collegiate has the audacity to assume that because I am different, I am less! And this is not racism ! oh no, I think its worse! I think racists are driven by the fear that they know we are the same! Oh how it drives me mad! The assumptions that are made about those who have non-european accents ,amaze me! This is how china is going to take over their economies, and let me kid you not , we will hear the chorus of voices in protest, ‘I thought they didn’t speak English?'
P.S. In my blog trots, i ended up at global voices online and proceeded tofurther incense myself by comparing dialogue occuring on kenyan and UK blogspheres! what i found was a lot of wonderful recipes on how to make mash the UK page....????what! i know that those entries hardly scratch the surface of the british blogsphere...but as i said, this is the full rant! theres no reasoning with me right now!
have a good one!

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