Thursday, March 09, 2006

Of verbal fumblings and bumblings

Some days there’s so much you want to write. Your fingers are twitching your ,mind is buzzing and you smile stupidly at yourself cause you feel like you’ve come up with the funniest quip! You’re thrilled with the randomness of you’re thoughts! However, after the initial euphoria has passed, that eureka-moment has melted away, you sit before you’re computer, a sigh plastered all over your face and your like ‘hmmm,…eh … …hmmm!’
Anyway, today was the dawn of the great paradox.I had so much to say, but was not sure how to articulate it! My heart was heavy and light at the same time...or maybe it was just the dodgy sandwich I ate for lunch.…it wouldn’t be good if I came all the way to the UK to get dysentery!
So what to do?!
I have been wondering, as many of you do in those quiet moments when you should be getting some work done, about the superficiality of my/our generation. We feign knowledge, depth, and even beauty! Heh, and I find this a very serious situation indeed! Now what made me think of this ?
Well, the other day, someone attempted to woo me…blush, blush +girly giggle! now you see sadly for the guy, I was enjoying the whole experience, rather then actually getting wooed! I am hoping that doesn’t make me evil! But in my defense, I told him straight up that boyo, you are saying very funny things!
Aish! how can a jama start saying , ooh, bebe bebe, I liiike you after 3 minutes! I don’t get you jamaz, what do you think you’ll achieve when you throw a lady a leery eye and some come-hither-me look ,with connotations of Rrrrrr? I do understand that there are some women who actually fall for these antics and the only thing I can say is woman! raise those standards! Now there might be a few of you jamaz out there who might be thinking , that dude is not smooth like me, but I tell you, being a very harsh critic myself, I know he was faring much better that 80% of all y’all Kenyans. Now I’m not one to dismiss a person because of their lack of verbose, so putting his interesting posturing aside, I found out he’s a pretty nice guy! He would have had more luck if he had just relaxed on the antics in the first place!
I believe that creativity has sallied out of the grasp of men. We are a generation of the cheapest clichés .Some dude will take you to java, or a movie, and I’m meant to think wow, I feel special! Men, why not go sit on the grass in bomb blast park and bond or take a matatu (mini-van) to naivasha, and have a picnic,! That’s real and I bet you its very different!
Hmmm, I acknowledge that perhaps the chic may not appreciate such adventures and this makes us a very boring bunch!as women we need to give dudes the room to be creative, stop stifling whatever man is in your life (dad, brother, boyfi) and let their creative juices flow!
Furthermore, tadadum! This is a big one….we have no conviction! Walala, that’s the word I was looking for. You see my dad went for a conference and met a young ‘miss thang’ and declared after a few minutes that they were going to get married. Mayo! I know this sounds like dialogue form the ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and I have a feeling that my mother was duly unimpressed! The thing is, my fathers conviction led to a whole chain of events that culminated in me writing this story for you.
Now for those who don’t understand what conviction is , it is deep assurance and certainty. You’re intensely, acutely, unequivocally persuaded about something.All of us, women included, need to have perpetual dalliances with this here adjective. We need more of that ‘20:20’ vision.
Now our generation doesn’t know how to be convicted, be it in relationships, at work, at home at church…the list could go on , ad infinitum! If you’ve decided this is the job, (chic, friend, business etc ), for you then you better act like you’re persuaded about it. We bail out too fast! Not that I’m telling you to remain in dead-end jobs or relationships. Ebu get wise! But what I’m saying is that great opportunities are traded for cheap alternatives in the face of adversity and its time we changed this.
As for where to get the strength to be all convicted, I can only point to God! And I say, he shall give it to you! There were days I would have willingly returned home to get a kijiti that I would chapa people with these sides! But I have chosen to be convicted to what I am doing and so, I have been given strength to shikilia when I feel like I’m about to go postal!

Now back to the creativity vibe, ebu you dudes get inspired, stop thinking in the box, bucket,or whetever! For your information, you don’t need money. If you’re drilling holes in your pocket to entertain a chic, ebu start revising that relationship of yours!
Oh I’ve just remembered, I have really wanted to say this to Kenyan guys but frankly, its been hard getting all of them together. I think Kenyan guys are the most interesting people. Since I came to this place I’ve been wondering if I’ll find some random guys that I can cheka with. Funny enough, I would like to say that for me Kenyan dudes shinda in the arena of friendly banter! Bravo!
So I guess what Ive been trying to say, is that we must say ‘no more!’ to spines that mimic the flexibility of spaghetti that has gone well past the al dente phase. I’m hoping you dig what I’m saying! And for those who feel the urge to spew a few lines in the hope of forming a romantic union, be real, be yourself, and make the chic cheka with you not at you . lets say ‘no!’ to verbal fumblings and bumblings.

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