Tuesday, March 28, 2006


You would never believe it , but ive never skiad that song. (collective gasp!)imagine!alas, tis a shame!
I think its cause I boycotted kiss fm gongalo!(long ago)
Anyway, I've always found it interesting when people call me sweetie, sweetheart,ama dear. it makes me feel like giggling. I don’t know why?
So ahem ,ahem cough, cough
I have been inspired to write a short rap (kapuka style) …..
…this goes out to all my mamis,my papis, and my hoodrats and hoodpossums!mkono juu……

Sweetie, sweetie jama mwingine alisema
Niliposkiza, nilijiuliza , kweli hii ni neno la maana!
Kumbuka tropical,na BigG , aish,Hizo vitu tulizipenda sana sana!
Sa anakuja kuniambia, eti dada ,
we ni sweetie wangu sababu moyo, umeidunda,
So I sit there y’all wondering, aish this dude might be a danda,
Didnt I just meet him , over theeeere, in that veranda.
Why you callin me sweetie when I don’t even know ya’
makin me blush when youre not even going to get my numba.
All im trying say y’all , is that we chill with the theatrics
sababu neno ikitumiwa vibaya, Si itaisha ladha!
Yo, yo , yo ,yo….(Ahem when you skia this its cause you jua im bila words, my Swahili sucks !terribly!…so clearly!

Anyway, this is not some campaign against peeps who call random women sweetie. It gives me my cheap thrills.It's just that I don’t like it that many words have been demeaned and commercialized nowdays. By the way, the rap is entirely fictional, now where would I be meeting random dudes on verandas, there's too much wind in England if we’re going to be meeting it will be somewhere with a radiator!


Anonymous said...

do you think you are normal...waiting for Jesus to come coz you want a chapo.....then now it's sweetie sweetie raps.......for real wewe!!!

But I must say your blog serves for some real good entertainment!!!

mama shady said...

i'm waiting for Jesus, because he's the only one who can set things right.
as for the chapo...thats comfort food men!

Ms K said...

LOL I came to laugh about your afro story!! Ati you didn't think the jungus would notice LOL.

Hope you've sorted out your hair woes.

Prousette said...

Mami you are not alone, some crazy jamaa once said "sweetie ni jina ya barmaid" and I have never gotten over that, so being called sweetie is like an almost slap, kapuka rap? he! we have an artist in the house.

Kenyangal said...

Mama Shady I am with Anon here.. You really are not for real!! LOL Now I'm off to read this afro story and the Chapo story