Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Men! So many people write about the thought process that occurred before they wrote their first post. You know ,the excitement, the expectation, the adrenalin....yidiyada! Well, fortunately or unfortunately, the first time I heard about blogs, heh, I was like....hmmm,what?? And then after those potentially,life changing,five baffling seconds, life continued as it was, uninteruppted by the world of blogs ,a non-entity.
So then I chomoka into this foreign land and we have free internet!that functions at thrilling speeds! and excited Kenyan that I am , I have spent many hours in pursuit of enlightenment and blindness! By the way this is a very real fact. My sight,RIP, was at its peak,tip-top condition, performing wonderously, before I started this weird relationship with my laptop! You know sometimes I would even give them(my eyes) tests,
"eyes , read that poster as the matatu flashes past, over" ,"alpha-charlie-billy!Affirmative, over!" replied my eyes, as they proceeded to rattle off whatever it was that was written on the poster!
now this is a fete, cause I'm talking about one poster in a million on some white wall that has morphed into a dusty brown colour somewhere in down town nairobi !
my eyesight thrilled me! And yes, I do realize these were cheap thrills!
But alas...I have now been told that I'm officially becoming short sighted and that my sight should degenereate until I'm about X-years old.(sigh)
anyway, so I found out about blogs and proceded to go blog-trotting. I read some interesting ones, that made me love Kenyans all the more dearly! and though this love may be superficial, it made me think,it inspired me and it made me laugh!
now, I like to dot ,I do! however,sometimes I have random moments of clarity and like meaningful conversation, which I do say, is a very rare commodity in this here city! So i've taken the first tentative, tremulous step!
Will I break into a run.... and sprain my foot, or skip away towards my pot of gold! sijui!
so heres my blog!I leave you with a small dialogue that occurred before I cut the ribbon and inaugurated my page!

Cast: confidence,
ms.i like me some adventure,
The infidels -low-self esteem-mother
mr.laziness- father
and their progeny-procrastination
scene 1:
Ms i-like-me-some -adventures:what?!
Confidence:this is it!
ms.adventure: This is what!?
confidence:Its time.
confidence:we can sit still no longer. I have no more patience for the infidels!they must be silenced post-haste. We must rule once again!
ms.adventure: woo! lets do this! mad action! finally! i was getting bored. ummm...but how are we going to conquer them?!have you seen the size of those peeps, theyre stupid, but very large and very loud!...anyway, who cares lets go!
mrs.infidel: woiye!have you heard the way theyre talking about us. am i that bad?have i failed as woman of the house? (sigh) although, I know even if confidence gets his way, we'll never be as good as those blogs that live up-town. (sigh)we'll never have a big wonderful blog in the right post code , no fine links,no big posts to show off to all our guests.(sigh) lazy!wake up!please listen to me!
mr.infidel:eh......I was listening.im just tired!
mrs.infidel: what have you been up to?
mr. infidel: nothing
BOOOM! TWAF! (and a few other loud noises!in struts confidence and ms.i-like-me-some-adventure, holding procrastination by the throat!)
confidence: is all over , see!step down or the kid dies , muhahahaha!
( and so the story goes....i write my first post)

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