Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I accept pennies for my thoughts...

heh!tonight is a night for thinking...ok, not so much thinking...just kiasi!but i warn mind will be all over the place, payuka here ,payuka there!
firstly, teren teren, my cuzo passed KCSE with colours that were not only flying...they flew in very, flying things (jets perhaps).
Rather, in english,he passed!and I'm so proud of him that I feel like I'm likely to burst, if not from the copious amounts of food i've just consumed. Mwariwadavid, don't worry weight loss program is still on track, i'm just full.Anyway, I remember the days he used to fuata me asking me questions i couldn't answer.
note to the reader:i was a child genius as well (i say)...unfortunately things have ingiad hibernation (wail!).
it was funny!you'd just see another short chubby one following his mum everywhere making comments about the lunar systems na nini!meanwhile his mum is pulling out her hair. he cracked the tiredest jokes I'd ever heard, worse then mine,but he was destined for great things!big up guy! out for those women though.
on the other hand I wonder what the next season of life will bring him.

Oh, did I mention, i have become an undercover rebel.more on this when I am able to understand it for myself,but life is sucking at the mo...i am trying to make lemon juice (or was it lemonade!)harrrlelujah!

aaah, i miss passion juice...

Secondly,I don't think forest whittaker should have gotten that oscar...just my opinion.not that the any of the other options made me feel weak in the knees.nani commented about how the movie disturbed him. i concur!

moving on swiftly, people in kbw are interesting.How much do people reveal of themselves? Does anyone ever hesitate before they comment?Is annonymity great?....I am wondering!

ehe, then what else...its funny the way relationships, grow...or stagnate!i.e with friends or otherwise. I used to get quite sad during the stagnation phasess and since I'm a worrier/overthinker/beautiful woman/mini-moaner, (I had to squeeze that one in somewhwere), it would lead me into all sorts of other issues.sigh.
Nowadays, I'm not sure what I feel. do I care less?I think i'm becoming slightly cold on the inside, siberia is acoming...sugu!
I don't think this is a good state of affairs.ah, but I must keep on keeping on. My word must be my bond.Easier said.

I have been doing some reading on the british taxation system and its amazing the way people are , I'm not sure if babied is the right word.I don't think handouts should ever be introduced in, no, no! do you know, that theres a girl I know.She sometimes has issues with her knees, and is thereby entitled to a laptop, loads of cash , a car, even more subsidies to the fees that international students are already subsidising, free internet...among other things.
'but why?' I ask!
I dont know really!
Yet, I have to give them marks for acknowledging the needs of the disabled and terminally ill and the like....I was about to say that in kenya we got bigger problems...but, eh...

Lastly, before I put you to sleep...sin. What makes people think it doesn't exist......


Aizoh said...

Kweli your mind is all over the place.Mine will point at only one issue. To me, the beauty of blogging is the anonymity. Enuff said. Oh and congrats to your cuzo.

bantutu said...

Here's The Bantu's pennies:(Ebu acha kuniangalia ivvo niko pabaya!!Is all me got!!) Enyewe venye Aizo amesema...mafikra zina react nini? Your head must be hot or smthn...Sasa that cuzo of yours si amecong2tul'A'tiwa!! And aa kaa rebel ni ku-change lemonade to lemon juice eeeh...reconsider mathe...
Anonimity...I love the word and what it repS...
Uuuui Atí ndúí!! UK yani...Malala! Si we move there...hihi!! Keep away from sin basi..

mama shady said...

@aizoh: i know!but i warned you! hmmm, im still thinking about why i blog.i shall pass on the congrats.
@bantutu:ebu go read those financial blogs, we cant have bantutu rolling in the mapennies!no my head wasnt hot;)but it tends to jump all over. usijali, im making lemonade...just tafutaing the sukari!aaah, you dont want to fika huku,kwanza what disability would you sema you have...consuming doom and shivering;)

mwariwadavid said...

mamashady good to hear that you are heeding my advise and footsteps!

Movie Buff said...

He did not deserve to win.

That is all!

Unyc said...

I wld hv been fao hd it been for blogger hidin the verification!!!

As i take position 6...congratulations 2 ur cuzo. My sis managed 2 get a Banjuka n she's ws excited. Kids nowadays r chops n 2 intelligent. My small sis knows 2 much. We call her genius. She started reading National geographic at 8yrs..n the funniest she is a peer counsellor n cn tell u anythin about AIDS, Sex protection (aki my mum almost got a heartattack when she, at 10yrs, stood infront of us 2 tell us what is a condom n how 2 use it).
But its gd. In the near future Kenya will hv the most intellectuals in this world.

As 4 sin...who the heck doesnt believe in it? Eish!!! Watu wanacheza...u do smethin wrong u'll feel it.

Agiasi said...

Hizo mapeni ni mob! Chakula kwa wingi eigh? Wait gain ama loss, confusion hapo kiasi. Hio njeve ya uko UK naona imeanza kukausha ma-feelings hebu vaa sweta na usisahau kofia, nadhani hii kujiexpose kwa maelements kaa snow ndio inaleta fikra hizi zimetapakaa!

egm said...

Like Unyc, I would have commented earlier but blogger seems to not want to reveal the verification word!

Congrats to your cousin.

Oscars I didn't even bother with, cause I think my movie-loving days are long gone.

Sin... that there is a simply stated swali that is deep. My take on that is, folks want to do as they please without having to be bothered by their conscience. Therefore, doing away with the concept of sin gives them this freedom from conscience. Take "sin" away, and anything is permissible and worthy of being done.

Unyc, what did your mother say in response to your sister's educational speech?

mama shady said...

mwaridavid:yep,but its one slow stepat a time

moviebuff:yes..i agreed

unyc:yaaaaay!for youre sis. heh!kids are really becoming wajuaji' sis in a tiff with my ma told her that she lacks perspective!...mayo,i think my mum was so shocked she couldnt continue with the lecture!its definitley good that we'll have knowleadgeable and hopefully wise leaders!youre sis sounds like a hero!

bwana agiasi:juu ya hio weight gain, sweta haifit...nitafanyeje jameni!?lakini kofia smart kwanza

egm:ah, this word verification business has also given me shidaz on other blogs, im sorry, it would have been something else if you commented earlier;)ya, it bugs me. sin is sin. we reap what we running away from that. enyewe, unyc, what was youre mums response?

KIPUSA said...

I concur with you. If handouts were introduced to kenya kuna vile even my mom will stop working, mimi huku fuataing.Oh yes the wackest movie ever, that dude did not deserve it at all.

Unyc said...

My mum was embarrased, in shock, laughing and amused all at once.

We thot my sis wld get a spankin but funny mum just listened and said "Na kai we niugurukite"...hehee means sis amechizi.