Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm fed up! I have a cold! Yesterday it took a turn for the worse. Boggling eyes, swimming brain, blocked ears, phlegm, thumping heart (I ruka every time i sneeze) aish! What are those!
So I am taking someone’s advice and doing the whole honey, lemon and tangawizi maneno’s. These things don’t usually work with me but I’m giving it a go. Aki I’ve put enough tangawizi in my concoction to shtua a slug. It’s quite kali.
Anywho, as I vacillated between sweating and shivering my thoughts wandered into interesting waters. But before I go there, please let me just tell you about some of the funny things that happen at my bus stop! never ending soaps I tell you. As I waited for the bus , a woman , dressed to the nines( She would have done wags proud), pitad me in a huff! Hot on her heel’s was a paraplegic, in one of those electric chairs and I kid you not, this chap’s was surprisingly fast. He was busy harassing this woman and apart from a few swear words, she kept her cool.
I wonder though, if she had landed him a few kofi’s, how would it play out in court? hmmm…

Back to my thoughts; there has been some talk of love, or lack thereof, on kbw this week .In fact from what I gather, most of us are kulaing drought. Hakuna kisima mbeleni hata kimoja! We cannot seem to see any eligible anyone in the near future. I’m sure there are those of you who are happily encumbered though and I’m happy for you, but all this talk made me remember those random boys who used to confuse me. Sometimes being a chic...

My first crush was when I was like 4. Yes, you read that right.
My brothers friend was my knight in shin...
no, actually he was in dirty clothes, with that little-boy-smell to top it off but there was just something about him. So I followed my bro and co. everywhere! And they really tried to fukuza me. They deserve an award for their effort, but clearly, I would not be deterred .
this must be evidence of my feisty persona in another life (I wish).
When that failed they resorted to running. I’m sure there was some psychological damage that went down in there somewhere…
Shoot! My pudgy legs just couldn’t keep up . tisk!
I’m proud to say though, that he (my brother or the crush) had no indication of my feelings. I tend to be a pro at hiding these things.

Moving along swiftly, I grew up. Crushes lost their hold on my life. They became one hit wonders. or so i thought...
Then came the big one! Ayayai. It took me totally by surprise.
Yap, he was quite the jaama.as evidenced by the flocks of women who were ready to propose. At first I asked God why?! ‘Why have you chosen this guy , this one , to disturb my head’. I was not amused!
I then decided that as long as I kept my distance it would be all good. Nothing doing! Nice guys like talking to everybody. Every time he approached me I would mentally collapse! lo! so I learnt how to actively avoid him.
Well,one day, he approached me. My best laid plans were foiled.
I was cornered.To put it in the words of an author I like 'I felt like a little mouse with no hole' .I had to either squeak a response or faint. So I fainted.

Hehehe, just kidding.
I squeaked.
Made some inane comment and bounced. I now realize that some parts of my brain were working because I knew what the look on his face meant; ‘nini ,mbaya na huyu msichana’
Ah, I can laugh now, but it wasn’t funny then. After a few months I realized that I wasn’t chewing fever every time he was around. I’m sure the next time I see him talking will be easy kama mandizi…or will I arrive home only to start squeaking again?


Bomseh said...

hehehe, i have had to google some words. i didn't know i had rusted this much in english.

nway, pole for the cold. it usually gets better after a few days, but if symptoms persist.... and the same is the case with crushes. you'll still squeak and squeal.

Acolyte said...

I too have a bit of a cold, so lets get well pamoja as we enjoy the drought.

Prousette said...

It seems this is the month for colds and flu all over planet earth.

You must have been an early bloomer a crush at 4 heh!
You might be squeaking again.
Quick recovery!

Unyc said...

Pole sana 4 ur cold. Like i adviced Aco...take some Vodka..hehee

To matters of the heart, since visima vimekauka in KBW, y dont the KBW members such amongst the blogring...pretty cool i think.

Aegeus-Jade Kitten
Couch Tato-Movie Buff
Those wld make 4 gd r/ships....lol

bat_rox said...

sorry, been there, the crushes and not doing anything about them. Im a bit of an expert [actually I think you are too], but in case you aren't I can tell you with confidence, none of it ever gets any better, but the mo it happens, the less it hurts :)

mama shady said...

ah, i am feeling slightly better today.thanks for the good wishes!at least im enjoying the husky, sort of sexy voice that usually comes with colds. anwyay..

@bomseh:hmmm,i know crushes will come, as for squeuking, im planning on finding ways to stop!you know i have to look like i got it together!ama sio

@acolyte:me i'm already getting well!ebu you catch up.as for enjoying the drought..eh, that is a matter of debate.
@prou: i know!maybe some strain of SARs is trying to make a come back. woi!men, yup i was an early bloomer.in my defense, i didnt know i was into him until it was pointed out to me. quick recovery?

@unyc: now, now, now!what kind of matchmaking is this!alalala!and where is youre name!kwanza im trying to figure out what criteria you used. alalala!
@batrox:ndio ndio!the more it happens the less it hurts!lakini they can be mighty inconvenient!

aegeus said...


crush at 4! Mami, you may have said too much! Come slowly...just kidding...someone's advice...naming no names...the crush makes for a new meaning in chasing that boy...tihiii

O.P.P. said...

Walalalalalalalalala....ati what?

mama shady said...

aegus:you know 'someone' also?;)now what do you mean the crush makes for new meaning? woi, you peeps are making me sound stalkerish. i just wanted them to play with me. kisha they just didnt like my dolls...why!;)


Aegeasi said...

I guess toys did not "rock that crushees boat" prolly wanted the real deal? Ati play with me...si you know i live in the gutter...wacha nijikate....i kill myself!

Princess said...

Have a hot toddy before you sleep and that cold will be long gone!!!