Sunday, December 10, 2006


there be plenty a jamaicans in d area dat im livin in nah!it makin me feel like i be part a dem.but d fact dat i gat no dread and me talk african disqualify me plenty!
anyway, moving on swiftly to some random things ive been thinking about...
-theres a mini territorial war going on in my digz. mostly sprouting from the fact that from misunderstanding stems miscommunication, stems misappropriation and other sillinesses. ai!one of my roomates just fills me with amazement, sometimes this amazement makes me feel like throwing something out the window, but its amazement nonetheless.some of these things, in the vast scheme of life ,would seem very petty. but i tell you,when you find youre mkate always being stuffed into mouldy cupboards or dusty joints in the kitchen...among other things!heh!you do wonder. ive caught dysentry once! i dont need to be catching random mutations of britto diseases! we've already had one meeting!i dont like confrontation...sigh. and the thing is she is a nice person.
-i was being told there was a tornado in london...what would i do if a tornado fikad here considering im like 2hours away from london!aki you should me chuking mortal kombat moves with my faithful umbrella every time upepo blasts me.
-now how often should miro hair be washed?pong notwithstanding.
-Moab! in the book of Jeremiah (around ch.48)God punishes these peeps because of their haughtiness, their pride, because of their trust, not in him, but in their deeds and riches.they have a good thing going but alas, they mess it up!and i cant say why, but this made me want to pray forKenya. i thought about the so called 'african pride' and realized that is has facets of good and evil. majorty have discarded the good.i thought about yuppiedom and the way in which it embraces artifice.i thought about the materialism thats overtaking much of kenya. When kids are taught directly and indirectly that success is defined by what they have which seems rational considering the prevailing socio-political-economic climate. but how many people teach their kids, neices,nephews how to love, give, serve or do it themselves?its not that much of a wonder then why many africans are still stuck in a never-ending rut!
then i thought about the way things can get thick!!!and im sure youve heard this cliche lakini be sure of it that moab wasnt the first and its not gonna be the last!
and i part with only be God who can be helpin us nah!cha!(sound effects) we all neeed t' be gettin our focus right and nat be messing about wit d wrong tings man!money aint gona get ya noo-where!and neither are dese wordly tings nah!bless!one luv!

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