Saturday, December 30, 2006

dunia ya wiki hii.

news and television can be i found out that a british woman voluntarily(VOUNTARILY!?) made a trip on her own(SOLO!?) to the north pole(or was it the south?)
AI?! sometimes i dont understand people; all that money, all that energy, the risk of has that act benefited anyone, perhaps, apart from her record breaking self?what would you tell youre child if he/she came up to you to tell you...

'ma, i do d'clare that i'm going to the north pole t'day,uhuh! with a par a skis and some suppliz. we gotsta be fandin out what the ambience is lak aout therre!'
anyway, more on news-Saadam is being executed!im a bit torn. this seems like some dodgy business. that aside, i wonder whose trembling in their boots/ngomas/sandak at the thought of once tyrannical rulers becoming fallible.
-i found this cartoon funny;attach the name of whichever country you please


acolyte said...

The woman went to the North Pole to show that girls can do whatever the boys can do!
I want to see how Iraq will turn out after all this drama.
The cartoon is funny!

Anonymous said...

Hell no! Would not be caught dead doing that. So if my child did say that i would slap them silly!

That is truly dodgy, just learnt that he has already been swiftly dispatched to his waiting 72 virgins in heaven.

mama shady said...

@acolyte:hmmm, there other ways to do that.yep, i hardly ever comment on the iraqi prob. but i am waiting to see if there'll be any fall out.
heh, my comment names have disappeared after i switched to the new blogger. i new bad things would happen! anyway..
@anon/i think it was aegus:those 72 virgins?!
as for the kiddo,my sentiments exactly.i was going to say thank God we're africans and not interested in some of these extreme sport vibes, when it hit me the way africans are chnaging are changing...we're extreme 'sporting' in the wierdest ways!

aegeus said...

Hey mama shady. It was me. I wonder how i became anon. And how did you figure it was me?

mama shady said...

aegus:sijui im a sleuth like that!(wink)!nah, i had checked out the comments before, then switched to new blogger, then wanted to reply comments but found anonymous!?!
so dont worry, youre anonymity is still in check(wink;)