Monday, December 25, 2006

Life can be quite the adventure!

"Jean Jaque was dead.
my father tried to wipe the glee off his face..but unfortunately ended up looking intensely constipated. the wiry solicitor, believeing this to be a show of a manly grief handed my father the letter and hastily made his exit.
his curiosity tweaked, my father slowly lifted the flap....
it was a letter from Mr.J!

'my dear...ummm... servant,
I do conclude that if you are reading this ..then i must be dead.did my wife kill me?
anyway,in return for your years of service i bequith you my prized life's joy. note that i speak in plural my dear boy.
P/s they are enroute to yours by ship and should arrive in a few weeks.

fast forward. a few weeks later......
my fathers gaze fell upon three and a half insidious looking mammals. forever the optimist, he walked towards them, slowly crouching to look the sorriest one in the eye (the half goat) it was a deep, intense look.all of life and its mysteries seemed to be in that one look! this appraisal was interuupted though , by something flapping about to his left...a note!it was attached to one of the goats collars.
with shaking hands, my father unfurled the peice of smelly paper, his heart now moving from his boots to somewhere around his diaphragm...

'i present to you mandy, boo, jethro and o.b....

a sob escaped my fathers lips. then a smirk. then a full bellied roar of a laugh. wiping tears from his eyes he walked slowly back into his domain, his small hut.
and it is with these three and a half very malnourished goats that my father made his millions making Goat cheese in the heart of southern nyanza."

im throwing a bash! a huge one!but its card only!and all my imaginary friends had the grace to come...sniff..and each of them with a present and a big hug!awww, the beauty of friendship...
anyway, their appearance inspired me to write something. hence my first short story of no maana. hope you all have a blessed day, God be with you!


Kenyan home owner said...

I think the short story is great - it captivated me. Where's the whole piece?

mama shady said...

serious!thanks...unfortunately, my imagination got tired of running about, so the story died there!but you never day...when im gripped by boredom...