Monday, December 04, 2006

wakarao gani hawa?!

yes you!
how are you?
ive never asked that question on a blog before...but it is good to ask dont you think?
anyway!i really wanted to write a shairi about what im about to describe, but clearly acing my KCPE swa exams did not equip me for such a task!which is sad, because after all those beatings...sniff!we were really beaten! the implement of choice was a rod called something black. i was lucky to have escaped it only to be handwad by the math TA and a black board ruler that had no name!
however, the pont is after those beatings,i should be rendering sweet shairis with the best of them. but alas!
moving on swiflty, i was walking towards the bus stop. it had been a long day and the whole concept of days becoming shorter and colder and darker earlier...had wearied my soul.
so there i am walking, walking, daydreaming, walking, and then i look up and lo!ehe!this was a ghafula bin vu moment (for those of you who aced swa like me)
i had found myself in a mini-cop scene!wow!how exciting!
please note:if i was back home i would have kept myself at a safe distance where i could either run or jump into a jav or shop or something ,if anything were to go wrong. but i just kept walking! the whole idea of drama i believe, tugs at some primitve thing in every kenyans heart.
but im not reckless.i knew i was more or less safe cause there were just 3 cops. and here the way ive seen it, theres some sort of hierarchy of alarm when dealing with cops.
  • theres the cops who walk around, usually with a walki talki, bright reflector vests and maybe a flashlight...or 2. havent seen any of them with rungus though. these are the regulars. i generally feel nothing for these ones.
  • then theres the cops on the piki-pikis, i hardly see them but if i did, i would probabaly be a bit more careful!
  • and then therees the big guns!the ones with the cars. there the ones who piga kelele all over the city zooming from one neighbourood to the other.aki someitmes i wonder if they really do jobo.lakini considering the way gangs can be silly here...
so i get to the bus stop and my interst is piqued. these 3 cops are talking to a man on the ground who is calmly eating a sandwich and this man is generally paying them no heed.he's friend however,is busy verbally decorating the atmosphere with various expletives directed at the cop(s). now i try and get close enough to hear whats going on. but i cant hear!
and another problem with the folk here is that people think themselves too polite to be curious! the joy of being kenyan is that youll always get the storo!or some version of it!
this didnt look like it was about to happen.
so the whole vibe ended there. bila flair!i was quite dissapointed!they just picked up the guy, who was still eating his sandwich and whisked him away.
imagine how entertaining(human rights issues aside) 3 kenyan cops/watchmen would have been! that moment the entire population of the city i lived in seemed irredeemably dull!


Anonymous said...

Were it Kenya, it would be a diff situation all together!

Proud Nyeuthi said...

you know what they say about curiousity.....
These days I don't joke. If I see a ruckus, I make haste to my humble abode and wait to hear about it in the evening news. There are some crazy sickos out there!!

Majonzi said...

lol!! u guy, here I was prepared for some drama, where? in the states black boys are afraid of cops too... rightly so!!

mama shady said...

@acolyte:i jua!
@proud nyeuthi:hmmm,i do try to make sure my curiosity doesnt outweigh wisdom.the scene was relatively docile though,the guy was eating a sandwich!;)
@majonzi:woi!that whole situation is sad, i cant even imagine the drama that some chaps go through!