Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who do you say I am?

walalala!today is warm!yani its mambos of resisting the urge to tear off my layers and frolick!
and then the air is clear!crystal!i tell you, its quality!
so I was reading this book, and I realized that yani, this chap mr. bernieres ,though kidogo crass and crude , is vere vere funny!ai!yani when I finished somaing the book I spent a better part of the day tryin to get words like ‘cojones’ out of my mind and I’m not even sure if that’s a real word! !now that twasn’t funny!
Anywho, when I read this section , I was just like, this guy must have visited Kenya, cause we have some random people who really bond with such rhetoric! I was told that there was a dude who used to be in maseno who could vibe kinda like this and then there other ones like P. Lumumba and co.! Hmmm, I do wonder sometimes what peeps will say at my wedding…oops I mean at my funeral! but I guess what matters most is what God will say when I check into my eternal home, what I’ll answer when he asks me that question.who do you say I am?
woi, I wonder if there’s any leader in Kenya who would be given an emotive speech such as the one below.
Setting: a biiiiiiiiiigggggg crowd. Some dude has faked his death and so they are having his funeral!
‘citizens and soldiery of Valledupar! A most dolorous duty causes us to congregate in the plaza before the image of our nation’s most exalted hero , Simon Bolivar! In this coffin before us , opened too early, lie the mortal remains of our unfortunate and beloved governor, whose existence although it has been cut untimely short, passed with meteoric luminosity, leaving an illustrious and translucent after-glow in its wake. Even as the varied and beautiful lines of the spectrum through a converging lens are transformed into a scintillating ray of white light, resplendent, so the details which in his work he compiled, united and synthesized , emerged afterwards from his lofty brain in the beautiful productions of public peace and harmony whose merit is sufficient to place his sarcophagus in the temple of immortality”
If the disassociation of the matter which constitutes the shell of the human body carries not with it the destruction of personality; if an immortal spirit survives, transmigrating or ascending in infinite and glorious spirals to the affectionate bosom of the omnipotent creator, then his cruel and gratuitous expiration in the conflagration of a subversive explosion is not death and obliteration, but a transformation, a mere change form one existence to another! The chrysalis, it is true, has broken its carapace, and the glorious butterfly-the resplendent psychic entity-has flown to happier regions, to merge itself into the prime cause of our being. His noble and refined spirit, spreading like the undulations of the oceanic waves , hovers like the humming –birds he loved, amidst the engrossing and perfumed orisons of the choirs of the hierarchies of the celestial inhabitants of the heavenly regions
Citizens and soldiery of Valledupar! Let us bid farewell to the excellent General Carlo Maria Fuerte ! Let us pray that we shall carry always before the lachrymose eyes of our saddened and subdued souls the perfect image of his magnificent example let or tears not wash away the memory of this immaculate and conscientious public servant!
Louis de BerniĆ©res-the war of don emmanuel’s nether parts!

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Prousette said...

Mami you are not good for my health. That speech is painful. If you see tears rolling from the mourners it is bacause their brains cannot cope, though I really would not mind it for my funeral Lol!!!