Monday, April 24, 2006

life can be one BIG mshuto

farty har har! thats a pirate chekaing in the loo....hehehe, give me a moment i cheka kidogo! anyway, how come chic's have more haya ,when its comes to releasing gases, than guys do?! I remember in std. 6 guys used to fyatua onetime onetime and depending on the potency or rhythm of this fart, they would be smiled down upon, by the other boyfolk, like they had just received three medals of honour! wacha a chic unleashed...wololo! For your info: if guys mshutos don't smell like rose petals what makes you think that chics' will! si we eat the same food! But anyway, these stereotypes can really stress men! all this holding back does things to a girls system! it's like shikiliang has become and art form! but no matter how much we would like it to be otherwise, a rebellious mshuto always escapes… pop!...pop!pop! We’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. You fart....things are a gonna get real bad! you don’t fart....first there's that pressure that builds up in you're abdominals....then there's the ka-bloaty type of pain ...then there's the bum clenching, and then when the spasm passes, you have to make coughing sounds to cover up the rumbling of you're stomach.tihihi! When it chucks...mayo! It will me marasmus! that theng’ will heff ...if not, you produce a rendition of the national anthem ( u jua the way it anzas with the drums.......ehe!) maybe I’m taking the feminist argument one step further :) but what someone advised me to do was.......achilia kabisa! aki pole if i've embarrassed you jama’s out there! and pole if you’re chics are now launching mini-missiles!


Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Damn right, life can be all that and more. First time in here and just that heading is going to keep me chaecking on ya.

Be good and a good weekend.

Poi said...

Mini-missile? ama laughing myself silly

Have a great weekend!