Thursday, July 06, 2006


Theres ana rap by arrested development that anzas...ahem
"i went home to africa..."
(or something like that)
nimefika jo!
im saying that as if i landed jusi! well....erm.... ive actually been here for like a month and lo! its been real!its been good!...its been adventure!...its been many things! WAH! i have this vivid catalogue of moments in my mind that i cant even start to detail!from mad adrenalin rushes after javing, then ive anzad ironing my clothes because i became kidogo paranoid!some insect with issues might have layed eggs in my clothes! and...i dont know if any of you guys have watched another horror from the 1980s called the black widow spider!men doom would have only given that dudu motishas!
then theres the wars that i must fight every time i want to catch a jav! aish! then theres the comedy thats called our ministers...they aim to furahisha!sijui service!
needles to say, its good being home!the UK pales in comparison...kabissa!au sio?!
oh, i havent blogged for like 3 months....well,ooops

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Prousette said...

Werocamu home Mama shady. OK i know it is a month and some...