Sunday, March 30, 2008

I never realized how much I don't like writing essays!! Writing for me is more enjoyable when I don't have to bother backing up what I say. Maybe this is why I blog and bother my friends with long emails basically about nothing.
I guess sometimes what is needed is an escape from always having to prove something. This is why I'll probably never be an academic or politician (not like Kenyan politicians ever use facts) or some sort of journalist, no no. Although I did have my hopes and you never know...I was telling my friend the other day that I should become a relationship consultant...she laughed!
Anyway, so I'm reading a paper on Global civil society and theres an interesting bit about a mister known as Hegel. It is said that this dude believed war kept society healthy...

'just as the movement of the ocean prevents the corruption which would be the result of perpetual calm, so by war people escape the corruption which would be occasioned by continuous or eternal peace'


Makes you wonder how he arrived at such a statement!And which dissidents ,run with it. Makes me wonder where words and ideas that I let float around carelessly could lead me or others inconsequential as they seem.

Anyway, it is now 0013hours....


Mwangi said...

Let me give you the five star salute as a fellow don't-like-writing-essays comrade.
I think the really cool thing about being a Western intellectual is you can literally blow smoke out your backside and call it an expression of existential longing and angst and get your paper published as the next Da Vinci. After being here for a while, my respect for the bourgeois culture has really dropped when I realized that a lot of these so called artists and intellectuals can easily be trumped by a drunk Kenyan in a bar on a Saturday night.

31337 said...

Right. Off to bed with you.

mama shady said...

mwangi:Ive laughed...existential longing!?.It is true that some strange ideas have been fomented by the whole bourgeoisie/artistic/intellectual movement both in the west and now in Kenya. Facts and evidence have their place and are to be respected, but usually , as with essays, they're manipulated to fit our own ends. But the truth always outs...we hope!

31337: are you hating?;)