Saturday, January 19, 2008

See. Hear.Do


Kenyans are talking, texting, facebooking, emailing,blogging, writing, singing, saying....

And whats it all about; change,inspiration, despair, doubt, anger , name it.

At the end of the day, whether they realize it or not,time has been spent on the desire to be heard and you know what, its great!After all, let them who have ears listen right?

Well, I'm feeling kind of frustrated, cause I'm wondering whose being helped by all this debate? If at the end of all this we remain with just rhetoric , rhetoric unlikely to reach the ears or grasp the hearts of those whom it is a) about or b)for, then whats the point.
I'm afraid that something else will come along that really gets our gut and guess what we'll start talking, texting, blogging about something else.To reiterate someones point Kenyans , especially middle class, cosmopolitan, urban...seem to have a selective episodic memory.

See. Hear. Do.

I keep wondering whether debate amongst people of like mind will get us anywhere? If it's a safe way of saying that you tried. I wonder what value would him who is hungry, maimed , in hiding, isolated, alone, without; what value they place on what we are saying.
I know words are weapons for change, but with all my heart I believe they are not enough. Even the most prolific commentator lives in a world where he will have to put his pen down and engage with the society within which he is born and lives. I know some of you may disagree. For some , they are at a loss ,what else can they do?(Insert sigh and shrug here) Others may even say, that by writing you will inspire others to action, but I don't think we should settle.

I'm not saying that political analysis doesn't have its place but Kenya is going to need a whole lot more than that...I hope you get what I'm saying.By all means use your words to make your contribution, but also use your other gifts, your time, your food, your car, your money, your art, your business acumen, your strength, wisdom, to interact with those who are affected, hopefully directly if possible.Think about what you can do and then pray about it and then act in faith, Ama?

In other news, who knows if a music library ,physical or virtual, can work in Nairobi?


egm said...

Agreed. A balance has to be struck between talk (analysis) and action. Both are vital. Emphasizing one over the other won't cut it.

Music library? Sijui.

Anonymous said...

action more that words are needed here...its not guaranteed that your words shall reach the intended audience hence take it to them personally, and help, contribute whenever you can.

Anonymous said...

virtual music store might work, not so sure about a library

Cante said...

True dat ,true dat!
All talk and no 'do' is a bad habit!

mama shady said...

@ i guess the thing next qsn would be what can you do?by the way i am really asking..what will you do?;)
@aegeus: they have a library here for cds, but they also have whole lot of technology to keep stuff from being stolen or copied which i dont have at my disposal. I'm still looking in on the virtual idea

Anonymous said...

al the codecs and codings i know can be busted in a few such may not serve as barriers...find me sideways we discuss it further.

egm said...

Have to agree with Aegeus. If someone wants to copy, they will do it. Nothing can stop them.

bat_rox said...

Dont know if they do this 4 audio discs but the DVDs I get from the lib actually refuse to copy, n back in the day when I used to play comp games I used to see them made such that yes theyll copy but the copy wont work. Anyway, if they do then the music lib could work. Usu its the discs that come from source that way, you shouldnt have to do a thing

mama shady said...

but there has to be a way to stop them.Was looking at lastfm, and i think thats the kind of the idea I'd be hoping to go with, i.e if i go any further with this.or maybe it would be easier to just apply for a slot on radio where i can play my own things;)I've got jokes.

egm said...

For the majority of your users, then a simple copy protection scheme will do. But there are those for whom nothing is a barrier. You just have to decide if those that will copy will form a sizeable enough crowd for you not to make any returns or not. If someone wants to make a copy and are determined, they shall do so. Even if it means playing the music on one source then using good old technology of microphone to speaker to record it on tape. Hivyo ndivyo hali ilivyo.