Sunday, May 18, 2008


Just-A-Band ...If you haven't already , then you surely need to check out these guys. Amazing stuff! Kenyans doing their thing!

They've just come out with an album called Scratch to Reveal ,as you'll see on their site and blog. Buy it, buy it, buy it!
Here is a sample of their work. Enjoy!

Iwinyo Piny-Just-A-Band

Lalalala -Manjeru Produced by Just-A-Band


Maisha-Mena (Remix) Produced by Just-A-Bnad


KenyaChristian said...

Wow! this is some creative stuff. It's good to see Kenyan artists trying out new things instead of just the same old kapuka songs.

Mwangi said...

The music is far from my cup of tea but I definitely love the creative spirit with which it is being done. La la la la is a wonderful track.

odegle said...

brilliant! fantastic!

31337 said...

hai. hoping you are well.

i shall have to take your word for it. this third world internet times out before i hear zilch! :o)

mama shady said...

@Kenyanchristian:It is really creative, I do give them mad props. Kenyans need to think outside the box now and again. Its the only thing that will move us forward.
@mwangi:its not everyones.But thats neither here nor there. We must eclectify your tastes;) Lalalala, is a beautiful song.
@odegle:) ditto!
@33137:umelosti!hows you?ebu go to a cyber and watch.