Wednesday, April 09, 2008


'In rural Madagascar access to market centers has been restricted by lack of roads , and the government has had few resources for road building or maintenance. With assistance from international donors the government has developed partnerships with local community organization and commercial road construction firms to create and maintain hundreds of kilometers of rural roads . In the Partnerships , private firms construct roads and instruct the community in their maintenance ; the government authorizes the communities to collect tolls from road users ; and the community maintains the roads with their own labour and funds from the tolls . The partnership utilizes the comparative advantages of the different parties to produce gains for all of them'

This was written around 1998...wonder how it turned out....seems like a good idea...wonder what it would take to launch such an initiative at home.....hmmm


31337 said...

If wishes were horses. Why would they let the wananchi have such a lucrative source of revenue?

Mwangi said...

I would love to see how that turned out myself.
I agree with 31337, I don't see the powers that be in Kenya leaving all that money in the hands of wananchi when they can easily have it all for would they be able to afford new Hummers and Benzes

mama shady said...

31337:I know, I'm just an optimistic pessimist.
Mwangi:Im not even sure I which waananchi I would trust with those monies. Its kidogo utopian , but we need to have hope..With the amount of expertise lurking behind some of the blogs on this webring It wouldn't be outrageous to think that if they got together they couldn't start an initiative like this one;)...bittersweet, optimistic pessimism

Mwangi said...

I couldn't agree more, with all the mental firepower that exists on the African blogopshere and all the means that exist through the Internet to impact Africa without even having to be there, it's absolutely amazing that we haven't leveraged this huge opportunity to create an African brain gain. I definitely intend on making this is one of the things I help accelerate because it's never been easier for us to do the activism stuff really.
My 0.02