Friday, May 18, 2007


My bed is falling apart! All its legs are kaput, and it tends to swing from side to side .So when time for bed fikas, its all about finesse.No somersaulting into the bed nowadays…sigh. The landlord knows about these my tribulations lakini he is procrastination incarnate and so won’t do jack until we leave. Plus there are like 50 other things he has to fix in the house, so what’s a bed!Anyway…

So why I blog…ma broda methu , he tag me o’!

Tangent: Have any of you ever used the line…
‘So, (ahem, cough)..what are you wearing ?’
-It’s usually delivered hukooo at some dubious hour of the night, usually on a phone or other technological gadget.

Well, I have been told this line like twice before and I gagged both times, even though it was a pal just trying to wind me up. Anyway apart from it being the wackest line on earth, It cracks me up sana! I mean surely what kind of a question is that. Anyway, even if I answered, a boy would be in for a rude shock, cause the haute couture reigning in my palace is …(drums please, ata those Chinese cymbals)
….an orange sweater, luminous green pants and lilac bedroom sleepers…oh pink socks too. I speak the truth. I’ll bandika the purple headscarf in a few minutes.
Comfort must always come first.
I think sometimes my British housemate really shangaaz.

Anyway, why I blog

1. Why not? plus internet is available and fast, I need to make good use of it. I actually pay £5 a month for unlimited wireless access. Brilliant speeds. But I digress ( or is it brag)

2. Because I like playing with words and I think I could have a good laugh one day when I look back and see some of the nonsense I wrote. Plus I suck at keeping a journal.... Yes, I have failed as a woman.So this is my attempt at trying to get ‘with it’.

3. Mehn!people are interesting! this world of blog has really opened my eyes. Many of your blog’s have been a source of inspiration and have challenged me. You wouldn’t believe what deep and meaningful lessons I encounter when…bla bla bla.
sorry had to stop there, was getting too mushy, but in summary I’m learning stuff and have ‘met’ interesting people. Oh, and I laugh a lot. I love laughing. Some of you are very funny.

4. Aish, I haven’t reached five…urrrm, freedom of speech. I can ramble and dot, and the best bit , I can do it bila direct censure. Anonymity people, the best thing since sliced bread.(Ive never gotten that, sliced bread?!)

5. …clearly I cant think of another reason…so lets put it this way, nos 5 is still under construction.

Goodnight world.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Now look!

I’ve been tagged! Courtesy of egm and so there’s mild excitement in the brain. However, how to go about finding revelations is the question.
Eh let's see...

1. I’m the 6th born in a family of 7 kids, 4 years younger than my bro and 8 years older than my small sis. I still wonder what type of family planning strategy that was. Anywho, I was a cute baby; cheeks were round, skin soft, nywele’s timam, eyes gleaming and full of depth etc, etc! Infact, I dare say that if parents magazine had known of my existence they would have paid me the big bucks!
Obviously I’m still wondering what happened. I bask in the reflection of that former glory.
Do you think I can make money pimpin my baby pictures?

2. I’m not a party-throwing-type of gial! I used to get extremely uncomfortable when I was told to entertain. The thought still fills me with mild panic, but I’m getting better. My social skills must be improving…(hehehe, yeah) So maybe by the time I’m 25, I’ll feel able...and thus throw a small something. A food and drink festival! si that would keep Kenyans busy;)less work for me in the entertaining department.

3. I’ve never been ‘in love’ and generally find myself wondering about this concept.

4. I have an overactive imagination. Overactive! Oh, and have good guessing strategies. As for whether this has been an asset or not, it has helped me in the best of times and set me up for a fall during the worst.

5. I get urges to dance lingala, traditional vibes and ballet, at random, in the midnight hour. And so I do. I get up and do an uncoordinated jig! Then go to bed quite thrilled with myself, stating for like the 10th time. ‘Who knew you could kick that high'. In this vein let me state, I have many secret ambitions.

6. I’m deeply passionate about many things but have been told that it’s hard to tell. Because these passions are so many, I find that my knowledge in any one of them is constrained...I’m trying to change this. Ah, and since we're talking about passions, in the emotional area, I tend to feel deeply and have strong convictions, but by the time they actually fika that 'strong' or conspicuous’s taken quite a while.

7. I (used to) fear dogs. Now my dad has always had this love affair with the species, in that he would go and buy bones and other doggy paraphernalia for them. There were days I think I resented them canines, here I was being nyimwad something I wanted yet a dog was getting choice bones...I didn’t get it! Anyway, in Freudian terms, that resentment manifested itself in extreme fear of them. I’ve literally scaled walls and roofs as I tried to escape them. Such episodes have only reaffirmed to me that I must have a super power! I must! Anyway, so my dad decided to chuck the fear by force. I was given the task of feeding the beasts. AUUUU! Twas a task. But I live.
You should hear me now when I’m fukuzaing them, gawsh, I sound, like, so commanding! If I do say so myself.

Baaas, we’ve reached 7. Infact I think I've even given bonus info.I tend to ramble. shucks, you see there I go again,sigh, lets make that number 7.5.
Now who to tag. Is there anyone left. If you’ve been tagged already sameheni…kayliz, odegle nyang, majonzi, prou , aizoh,
now I need to go back into hibernation.