Saturday, May 12, 2007

Now look!

I’ve been tagged! Courtesy of egm and so there’s mild excitement in the brain. However, how to go about finding revelations is the question.
Eh let's see...

1. I’m the 6th born in a family of 7 kids, 4 years younger than my bro and 8 years older than my small sis. I still wonder what type of family planning strategy that was. Anywho, I was a cute baby; cheeks were round, skin soft, nywele’s timam, eyes gleaming and full of depth etc, etc! Infact, I dare say that if parents magazine had known of my existence they would have paid me the big bucks!
Obviously I’m still wondering what happened. I bask in the reflection of that former glory.
Do you think I can make money pimpin my baby pictures?

2. I’m not a party-throwing-type of gial! I used to get extremely uncomfortable when I was told to entertain. The thought still fills me with mild panic, but I’m getting better. My social skills must be improving…(hehehe, yeah) So maybe by the time I’m 25, I’ll feel able...and thus throw a small something. A food and drink festival! si that would keep Kenyans busy;)less work for me in the entertaining department.

3. I’ve never been ‘in love’ and generally find myself wondering about this concept.

4. I have an overactive imagination. Overactive! Oh, and have good guessing strategies. As for whether this has been an asset or not, it has helped me in the best of times and set me up for a fall during the worst.

5. I get urges to dance lingala, traditional vibes and ballet, at random, in the midnight hour. And so I do. I get up and do an uncoordinated jig! Then go to bed quite thrilled with myself, stating for like the 10th time. ‘Who knew you could kick that high'. In this vein let me state, I have many secret ambitions.

6. I’m deeply passionate about many things but have been told that it’s hard to tell. Because these passions are so many, I find that my knowledge in any one of them is constrained...I’m trying to change this. Ah, and since we're talking about passions, in the emotional area, I tend to feel deeply and have strong convictions, but by the time they actually fika that 'strong' or conspicuous’s taken quite a while.

7. I (used to) fear dogs. Now my dad has always had this love affair with the species, in that he would go and buy bones and other doggy paraphernalia for them. There were days I think I resented them canines, here I was being nyimwad something I wanted yet a dog was getting choice bones...I didn’t get it! Anyway, in Freudian terms, that resentment manifested itself in extreme fear of them. I’ve literally scaled walls and roofs as I tried to escape them. Such episodes have only reaffirmed to me that I must have a super power! I must! Anyway, so my dad decided to chuck the fear by force. I was given the task of feeding the beasts. AUUUU! Twas a task. But I live.
You should hear me now when I’m fukuzaing them, gawsh, I sound, like, so commanding! If I do say so myself.

Baaas, we’ve reached 7. Infact I think I've even given bonus info.I tend to ramble. shucks, you see there I go again,sigh, lets make that number 7.5.
Now who to tag. Is there anyone left. If you’ve been tagged already sameheni…kayliz, odegle nyang, majonzi, prou , aizoh,
now I need to go back into hibernation.


aegeus said...

very interesting - cute baby eh? now with such vivid memories me thinks you is really small sorry young. :-)

Very funny stuff heheheheh!! ati now you no longer fear dogs eh? ngoja i send simba after you uone! :-)

aegeus said...

and all you all. first! mojo is back!..mwuuuhahahaahhaahhah!!!

kayliz said...

Wow. This is my first time to be among the very first commenters on a KBW blog.
I'm getting good, eh?
Ati you question the existence of love? Wacha! someone will get you one day and you will eat your words. It happened to me, so I jua what am saying. ;)

Kirima said...

Your midnight dance to lingala, traditional and ballet sounds like fun to watch. By the way I noticed that all the ladies in KBW have professed their love of dancing. Perhaps one day we may experience the great KBW Dance :-)
You switched from fearing dogs to terrorizing them! thats radical.

mama shady said...

@aegeus:ebu stop hating!small.sorry!(click);)as for dogs, mlete!as for youre mojo, we'll see
@kayliz:you were in the right place at the right time, ama?;)im not sure if im questioning its existence, hmmm,i'm just...wondering
@kirima:hehe, ati interesting to watch.yeah, i guess.but eh,it chucks best when i am on my inhibitions.yeah, maybe we should have a dance. I wonder if people would really throw it down?i wasnt terrorizing them exactly...

mwangi said...

very interesting 7!!

Ati katikaing lingala ... hmm ... r u revealing something about how "malleable" you are?

Never been in love ... hmm ... i hope better times lie ahead 4 u ...

mama shady said...

mwangi if you so me, youd realise that i was revealing nothing of the sort. but we do try.better times...hehehe, we'll see.cant imagine at the moment

Wambui said...

Funnily enough, you are the second person who's confessed to impromptu dance sessions...fascinating quirk.
As for being passionate about many things- better than having no passion for anything!
Keep dancing!

mwari said...

Good list nyarshady!
I am with you on #4.

Wish you luck on #5...

and soma kwa bidii!

egm said...

I completely feel you on #6! Yaani hadi it's like I need a timetable for each of the things I'm passionate about, vile I haven't mastered any one of them to perfection. And that's to a major overdose of ADD, that seems to be something that will be very hard to do. But as Wambui says, better that passion for many things than none at all!

Kayliz said... can say I was at the right place at the right time. We met online...(drums please). I'll reveal more when I can find 6 other things about me that the KBW doesnt know, too bad almost every KBWer has been tagged

mama shady said...

@wambui:yeah, its fun!considering the combination, yep it definitley looks quircky!yep, i guess having something is better than nothing. but theres more that needs to be done.
@mwari:thanx!I shall.
@egm:i know!im trying to alot certain months/years to perfecting certain stuff...hehe, we'll see if it works. idont even have ADD and im having shidas, so i wish you all the best;)
@kayliz:online!heh!interesting!ebu lets see these other 6 things...

Majonzi said...

thanks for the tag :) I am making an attempt to creating my seven.... sell ur cute pics on eBay ;) u never know how much u'll make (wink, wink)

Aizoh said...

Aii Nyako umeniweza. That tag was quite unexpected. And the way am wallowing in a serious block! Anyway, will come up with something however ridiculous.

Bomseh said...

Post them baby pics.

Odegle said...

i completed my tag!

Klara said...

Never Been In Love?? I envy u n plz if u can avoid it then dont!
And Yes u can..I mean make da maoney on those baby pix's..

dooaz said...

nyar blogger, now we know. ningependa kuona mtoi ambaye sio msupuu...wait, maybee i wouldn't.

mama shady said...

@majonzi:will think about it. for real.youre welcome.
@aizoh:then if a block is what your having maybe a tag is what you needed to prompt you ama?;)shall await your list
@odegle:saw it!
@klara:hmmm, we'll see, its one of those things where ive left it up to God to decide, whatever happens.pole sana, eh, you sound like you had shidas.
@dooaz:actually yeah, most are wasupuus, ai cant even imagine a child being challenged in such areas.

Jamvi said...

With your overactive imagination I urge you to try imagining being in love the same way am imagining your grooving to Papa Wemba singing show me the way. Its his song isn't it?

Quintessence said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Archer said...

1. Si you pimp your baby pics! Even me I'm wondering why I'm still a broke ass when I could have done the same!!

3. It's one of those things that just finds you without you having to look for it. Siku moja pia wewe utahandwa ki-mapenzi.

5. That we'd all like to see!

7. Tuko pamoja! But you've taken yours a notch higher by bullying the poor dogs. I only get along with Sunkuli. The rest can hang!

Unyc said...

U wake up 2 dance BAllet...LMAO.
I love lingala, its very good.

This tagging thing is good. Now i get 2 know stuff about u :)

mama shady said...

@jamvi:eh...yes that is his song.;)
@archer:maybe we should anza biashara, what say you!what would we call it 'pimp my crib'?
@unyc:yes it is good!we should toboa things on the regular;)i can see some peeps cringing at the thought.

Anonymous said...

how did i miss this? i can imagine a younger u scaling walls like spidey!
alafu u dive into bed! no wonder its broken. u sound energetic