Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wishful thinking?


So I've been treating myself to some eye candy. Currently being inspired by a guy called Tone.I can hardly find any information about him or his techniques which is mildly frustrating.But you can check out his website at also similar to him is Joseph Marconi, who is also quite cool.


Now if only I could find a shop that sold such skills for two bob and had me as their only customer!tadaa!On a serious note...wish hard work was something that came a little easier.

In other news, what happens when your organisation throws seemingly inadvertent slurs at you and then gives you a hug and sends you off to operate in timbuktu?
This is me not saying, but saying, you know what im saying.
Trying to make sure this is not about my pride, but heh...siwesi mek!


Aizoh said...

Yaani you go missing for almost two years then you just stroll in casually like you were here yesterday? Aaaai! . Nway, good to have you back, Hope the mojo stays. Envy you.Mine's long dead and buried.

mama shady said...

well..;)ok, How would you like me to stroll in? I'm not even sure if you can consider this coming 'back'.We'll have to see how often I feel like letting it all out in cyber space. You'll get the itch again, someday.